yapadapadou χειροποίητα διακοσμητικά Χειροποίητα διακοσμητικά Χειροποίητα διακοσμητικά δώρα handmade gifts handmade decoration handmade toys χειροποίητα ρολόγια τοίχου χειροποίητα παιχνίδια παιχνίδια για παιδιά χειροποίητα μικροέπιπλα Χειροποίητα φωτιστικά Χειροποίητα κάδρα υφασμάτινα ζωάκια

Unique handmade creations

Handmade decorations, gifts, toys and much more for our little friends!


It’s a passion matter!

Yapapadou started creating decoratives for kids rooms’ in 2013. Ever since we have been working hard to provide customers** with high quality and aesthetically pleasing products that will nurture kids’ imagination. Everything is handmade with great dexterity, suitable for kids, as well as ecological friendly and made out of non toxic materials. Our aim is to help kids feel comfortable and happy in their rooms. For this reason, yapadapadou welcomes more products from other individual handcrafters.

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